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SentraColo BIG Sale New Year Promo 2017

Colocation Promo Murah Dedicated Server Rack VPS Diskon Big Sale tahun baru 2017 Discount 90%

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Valid from January 16 until February 15, 2017
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Discount 75% for 1 month. Use Coupon : NY2017-COLO1
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Special Flat (Slim Tower) Rp.899k/mo —> Only Rp.224,750 (1mo) | Rp.629,300/mo (3mo)
Server 1U Rp.1,099k/mo                   —> Only Rp.274,750 (1mo) | Rp.769,300/mo (3mo)
Server 2U Rp.1,299k/mo                   —> Only Rp.324,750 (1mo) | Rp.909,300/mo (3mo)
Server 4U/Tower Rp.1,499k/mo         —> Only Rp.374,750 (1mo) | Rp.1,049,300/mo(3mo)


Discount 60% for 1 month. Use Coupon : NY2017-DEDI1
Discount 15% for 6 months (total disc 90%). Use Coupon : NY2017-DEDI6
For Dedicated Server, available stock and price will be checked first
Standard Price : Dedicated Server


Discount 50% for 1 month. Use Coupon : NY2017-VPS1
Discount 15% for 6 months (total disc 90%). Use Coupon : NY2017-VPS6
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Discount 40% for 1 month. Use Coupon : NY2017-RACK1
Discount 15% for 3 months (total disc 45%). Use Coupon : NY2017-RACK3
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1 Rack 40U Rp.9,999k/mo    —> Only Rp.5,999,400 (1mo) | Rp.8,499,150/mo (3mo)
1/2 Rack 20U Rp.5,899k/mo —> Only Rp.3,539,400 (1mo) | Rp.5,014,150/mo (3mo)
1/4 Rack 10U Rp.3,799k/mo —> Only Rp.2,279,400 (1mo) | Rp.3,229,150/mo (3mo)
Term & Conditions:
– Payment methods Promo for 1 month (monthly payment)
– Choose only one coupon at every packages
– Limited space & limited stock, can be discharged at any time
– Discount do not apply to addons
– Discount can not be combined with other promotions/discount
** Facebook Event: SentraColo New Year Promo 2017 – Discount up to 90% and 6 Months


Cyber Building 5&6th floor
Jl. Kuningan Barat No.8
Jakarta 12710 – Indonesia
Email: sales[at] or Contact Us
Hotline: +628888461991 / +628888461992
WA/Telegram: +628888461990 / +628888461991
Telegram link : SentraColo or CS-SentraColo
Insta/Twit : @SentraColo


Peering MCSIX – MCS Internet eXchange

Jika sekarang ini dilakukan traceroute dari datacenter ke semua Prefix IP di Singapore yang di Advertised Rounting nya ke MCSIX maka akan terhubung seperti jaringan local IIX yang mana bandwidth nya pun masih di loss.


Informasi Maintenance Link IIX

Informasi Maintenance Link IIX

Hari / Tanggal : Minggu/ 26 Desember 2010
Waktu : 04:30 – 05:00 WiB
Downtime : 5 Menit
Perihal : Maintenance Peranglat LInk IIX
Dampak : Terputus nya Link IIX



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heartCheck how cool our services !

Offering Special Budget... Colocation server only from Rp. 499.000,- / month, to start your business.. - SentraColo
Where's the location... Cyber building the most preferred building for data center. It's center of the local peering for the lnternet exchange (IIX, OpenIXP), ISP, NAP, Games Center, etc.- SentraColo
Offering Special Flat Value.. Colocation server only from Rp. 899.000,- / month, with flat and economic price.. - SentraColo
Benefit... Unmetered IIX & OpenIXP with Bandwidth up to 1 Gbps, with Close Rack System by Fortuna Rack, Powered UPS by APC, Full Raised of Floor System, and more... - SentraColo
Profesional... Our Team with experience more than 8 years for the services, and committed to support 24/7 of Port Monitoring.. - SentraColo
Reliable and Fast... Focused on providing total solution for colocation server and data center services.- SentraColo

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Cyber Building 5&6th floor
Jl. Kuningan Barat No.8
Jakarta 12710

Hotline: +62 8888 46 1991-92
Phone: +62 21 56138351-52
WA/Telegram: +62 8888 46 1991-92

Email: sales[at]

About company

SentraColo is an Indonesian based company. It focused on providing integrated management data center services using several platforms.

SentraColo was founded at the end of 2008 with subsidiary of PT. Sentra Niaga Solusindo Group.

Our Vision is to be the preferred integrated management data center services in Indonesia with Guaranteed and Professional Services.

And Our Mission is to grow the number of web services, specially through colocation and hosting services... Read more

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